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For more than 70 years we have been a proud supplier to many small and large customers within the Marine and Engineering Industry around the world. Whether it is delivery at sea or land, we want our customers to enjoy our service and availability. You will find many of our customers within the Automotive, Shipyard, Construction and Shipping sectors.

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Our range of items are supplied from leading brands such as Makita, Kärcher, Luna and Rehobot.

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This story begins in 1948, gothenburg

Olander Sjöstrand & Co grundades 1948 i Göteborg. Fyrtio år senare ombildades företaget till Olander Sjöstrand Försäljnings AB.

Verksamheten omfattar försäljning av bl.a. maskiner och verktyg till såväl industri som sjöfart. Vi har kunder och samarbetspartners över hela världen. Vi säljer ett brett sortiment av verktyg, maskiner, arbetsskydd samt oljor.

Vi har dessutom ett stort kontaktnät på nya och begagnade utrustningar och reservdelar för industri och sjöfart. Våra kunder finns främst inom verkstadsindustrin samt sjöfart.

Olander Sjöstrand & Co was first founded 1948 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Fourty years later the company was reconstructed to Olander Sjöstrand Fsg AB.

The company's core business is to provide metalls, machines, tools and personal protective equipment for both the shipping indusrty as well as the land based industry. We have customers and partners throughout Europe, North America and parts of Asia.

A wide range of tools, machines, personal protective equipment and oils makes our business complete. Besides this we also have a large network that can provide both used and new spare parts and equipment for shipping and industrial sector.

Olander Sjöstrand Fsg AB
Kalkbruksgatan 1, SE-417 07 Gothenburg, SWEDEN
T: +46 31 744 22 50 |
Org. no. 556337-4130

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